Ashley Judd wants to make sure the sexual misconduct allegations made against Hollywood's top stars and producers aren't just treated as a statistic.

The 49-year-old actress - who, along with a number of other women, has claimed she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein - feels it is important to focus on each person's story rather than see it as a collective problem.

She said: ''It's really hard to keep track. What about all of the women whose careers never got off the ground? What about the collective economic loss endured, especially by women in low-paying jobs, women on the margins of the margin, the undocumented, the field workers, the gals in the diners who get their bottom pinched all the time? What about them? ...

''I want to talk about how it's not about sex, it's about power. I want to talk about how the statistics say that one in three or one in four of us experience sexual misconduct. But every time I get together with three or four women, it's all three or four of us.''

And Ashley thinks there will be some ''unprecedented socio-cultural'' change in the future because of people speaking out about what happened to them.

Speaking to students from the University of Kentucky, she added: ''I want to talk about how there is naturally a chaotic, messy, unprecedented socio-cultural, sexual change - the reckoning as some folks are calling it - happening around us. And it won't be tidy, and it won't be easy, and we don't have a playbook. We can't go to page 463 and tear it out and say this is how we navigate what's going on.''