Ashley Judd is well known for being a generally all round good egg, this much we know thanks to her substantial humanitarian work for groups like YouthAids and the International Center For Research On Women among many other organisations. As well as her day job as an actress, she's also proved herself to be a pretty wife, and so of course it was no surprise to see the 44-year-old right in the thick of it when her husband Dario Franchitti won his third Indianapolis 500 race. Franchitti impressively held off a number of challenges to take the annual race which he first won in 2007 for the Andretti Green team, his subsequent two victories coming with Chip Ganassi Racing.
Bleacher Report comments that Judd has been an avid supporter of her Scottish husband in his track endeavours, regularly being seen at his races. A huge sports fan in general, she'd already had a chance to celebrate success this season in another sport after her own Kentucky Wildcats won the 2012 Ncaa National Championship, once again being right in the middle of it with the rest of the fans.
The success of Franchitti makes up for Judd's own slightly disappointing news this year when it was announced that by ABC that 'Missing,' in which she had a leading role, was to be cancelled.