Actress Ashley Judd has been helping boost her drummer brother-in-law Cactus Moser's spirits by texting him daily and sending over baked goods as he continues to recover from a horrific motorcycle accident last summer (12).

Moser lost his leg in a South Dakota bike crash in August (12), just two months after marrying Judd's country singer sister Wynonna, and he spent months holed up at their Nashville, Tennessee home following his amputation.

Wynonna Judd reveals her sister has been a great source of strength and support for both herself and Moser, who plays in her band, and she has taken the time to visit the pair and read books to her in-law.

Moser says, "Ashley has been a dear. She'd come over and read to me all the time... She texts me daily."

Ashley's kind gesture even stunned her sister - Judd continues, "Here's this Harvard graduate, you know, smarty-pants who's gonna change the world. She comes over to read to Cactus story after story, like she's in the eighth grade! It was the sweetest thing because I hadn't seen that side of Ashley in some time. I'm used to her in her Valentino gown and she's Miss Popular Socialite."

However, Wynonna suspects the time spent with Moser gave Ashley a break from the troubles in her own marriage to racing driver Dario Franchitti, whom she split from in January (13).

The singer adds, "I think there's a part of her that really needed that for herself as well."