Actress Ashley Judd is determined to track down the State Trooper who gave her racing-car driver husband Dario Franchitti a speeding ticket - more than two years after the incident.

The HIGH CRIMES star was visiting her native Kentucky with Franchitti in 2002, when she encouraged her beau to speed because she believed she was "untouchable" in her home state.

But her declaration was shot down when State Trooper TODD EVANS pulled them over in their PORSCHE convertible on the Bluegrass Parkway. And Judd is furious that Evans went on to tell America's press all about their roadside encounter.

She says, "(The traffic cop) decided he was gonna play it really straight, and he gave us a ticket. As he was walking away, I just had to ask him because I couldn't believe that there could be someone - especially in that kind of a circumstance - who just wouldn't interact or at least say, 'My granddaddy knew your grandma...' I'm like, 'Do you know who I am?' He goes,' Oh yeah.'

"He did interviews about it - 5 o'clock news, he's on the radio. We're at a race in California and guys from catering at HONDA are like, 'Yeah, that guy who pulled you over, heard him on the Morning Drive Show.' He thought it was like the greatest thing in the world.

"It was so famous we had to handle (the fine) straight up. There were no doubts about that one or trying to get out of it.

"I'm so intent on finding that guy and giving him a piece of my mind because I don't think it's very becoming of him to run around and give interviews about pulling people over."

24/06/2004 01:58