Ashley Judd has claimed she was once asked to remove her top during an audition - and lost out on the role because she refused to do it.

The 49-year-old actress was one of the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment late last year, but she has now alleged that at one audition she was asked to show her bare chest alongside another hopeful actress, and believes she lost out on the role because she said ''hell no''.

Ashley - who didn't specify whether or not the alleged incident involved Weinstein - said: ''Well first of all, my first audition yielded a screen test and I was asked to take my shirt off. It was between another woman and me, and I said that isn't about our acting, that's about evaluating a pair of breasts. And the answer was not 'no' but 'hell no.'''

Since speaking out against sexual misconduct throughout Hollywood, Ashley revealed she has been facing an uphill battle, but insists the fight for equality is worth it.

Speaking at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday (21.01.18), she said: ''I have to know the hill on which I'm willing to die. And the hill on which I'm willing to die is equality, and if that means going to jail, being maligned, being defamed, having tremendous economic loss because I stood up to Harvey Weinstein - and it's incalculable the amount of money I could have made that I didn't - that's the hill on which I'm willing to die.''

Meanwhile, the 'Frida' actress recently claimed there would be some ''unprecedented socio-cultural'' change in the future because of people speaking out about what happened to them.

She said: ''I want to talk about how there is naturally a chaotic, messy, unprecedented socio-cultural, sexual change - the reckoning as some folks are calling it - happening around us. And it won't be tidy, and it won't be easy, and we don't have a playbook. We can't go to page 463 and tear it out and say this is how we navigate what's going on.''