Ashley Judd is confident people will ''heal'' after the #MeToo movement.

The 50-year-old actress - who has accused Harvey Weinstein of making sexual advances towards her - believes those who have been affected by Weinstein and other's actions will eventually see their ''trauma'' go away.

In an essay shared with Refinery29, she shared: ''We can heal. That has been my experience. We may not, admittedly, know how to, or even from what we need to heal ... We may not even think we need to heal, that maybe we've just had some c****y relationships. Whatever trauma looks like in our lives, feelings can be healed ... [We are] ultimately responsible, respondable to our own lives. This may sound harsh, but it means we have autonomy, we are powerful, and we have agency.''

Meanwhile, Ashley previously revealed she is suing Weinstein after she claimed that turning down his sexual advances lost her a role in 'The Lord of the Rings'.

The suit states: ''With those baseless smears, Weinstein succeeded in blacklisting Ms. Judd and destroying her ability to work on what became a multi-billion dollar franchise with 17 Academy Award wins and many more nominations.''

And Ashley took to Twitter to state any ''financial recuperation'' she received from the case would be going to the Time's Up movement.

She wrote on the social media site: ''My legal complaint. I am suing for economic remedy due to damage done to my career as a result of sexual harassment. Financial recuperation goes to @TIMESUPNOW @TIMESUPLDF so that American workers who experience sexual harassment & retaliation have help. (sic)''