Ashley Jensen was thrilled when David Beckham knew who she was.

The former 'Ugly Betty' star met the soccer player when his wife Victoria Beckham made a cameo on the TV show and Ashley couldn't believe it when David introduced her to two of his kids, Brooklyn and Romeo.

She said: "David was on set and when I went over to say hi he went, 'Brooklyn, Romeo, this is the lady who plays Christina in 'Ugly Betty'. I just thought that's mental, he's telling his kids who I am.' "

Ashley worked with a number of big name celebrities, including Kate Winslet, Ben Stiller and Samuel L. Jackson, on Ricky Gervais' comedy series 'Extras' and admitted she is constantly surprised by how down to earth they are.

In an interview with Stylist magazine, she said: "My favourite has to be Kate Winslet. She had to dress up as a nun for 'Extras' and I remember her sitting beside me in her habit and we were just looking at our feet for ages talking about how odd feet were.

"The most overwhelming was Samuel L. Jackson. He came on in my first ever day of filming for 'Extras' and I had to look him in the face and tell him I thought he was great in 'The Matrix'. There was silence on set like I've never heard before when he was around but Ricky broke the ice when Samuel bent down to do up his shoes. He shouted, 'Oooh he ties his own shoelaces.' "