Ashley Jensen is excited about Christmas again since becoming a mother.

The 'Ugly Betty' star - who has a 14-month-old son Frankie with her husband, English actor Terence Beesley - is looking forward to the big day this year more than she has in years because of her son, even though she accepts he is too young to know exactly what's going on.

She said: "He's still too young to fully embrace the joys of the festive season but the fact that he's starting to be aware of the world around him is the perfect excuse to re-embrace those wonderful traditions - like leaving out a mince pie and a glass of whiskey for Santa on Christmas Eve."

The 41-year-old star admits the festive season had slightly lost its appeal for her in recent years and is delighted that Frankie's arrival has changed her attitude.

She added: "Before Frankie came along, it was all a bit forced. Now I can be all festive again!"

However, Ashley admitted it is quite difficult to celebrate Christmas in the stifling heat of Los Angeles, where she and her family's permanent home is.

She explained: "It's not easy living in Los Angeles and celebrating Christmas. Being in warm sunshine isn't great for putting oneself in the mood. Going to the shopping mall, where they blow fake snow from a machine every hour on the hour while the PA system plays 'White Christmas' doesn't quite do it for me."