Ashley Greene thinks she could be the first of her friends to marry.

The 23-year-old actress - who has been dating singer Joe Jonas for around four months - doesn't consider walking down the aisle essential in a committed relationship, but wouldn't be surprised if she has a change of heart.

She told the January issue of America's Cosmopolitan magazine: "I'm indifferent about marriage. I think sometimes people get married so they can say they have that person forever, but a ring doesn't ensure that you'll stay together.

"Watch, now that I've said that I will be the first of my friends to get married!"

Ashley recently revealed she and her 21-year-old boyfriend were almost arrested in Abu Dhabi airport after the 'Camp Rock' star accidentally put some newly-bought cheese knives into his carry-on bag.

She explained: "We were going from The Middle East to New York, so there was tons of security, tons of screenings. We got through one, surprisingly enough.

"The second one we got to and they stopped and looked at us with these really stern faces. They were like, 'What's in your bag?' I look at Joe and there are these flashbacks of this knife set we got. They were cheese cutting knives. I look at Joe and I'm like, 'Did you leave the knives in the bag?' He's like, 'Whoopsies.'

"Whoopsies doesn't cut it. We were going to get arrested!

"I was sitting there finding it hysterical because there was this big guy going through his bag saying, 'Heels? Panty hose?' "