TWILIGHT star Ashley Greene suffered a "mini-breakdown" after she first shot to fame in the vampire franchise - because she struggled to cope with her new found stardom.
The 22 year old, who plays bloodsucker Alice Cullen in the hit movies, admits she was shocked when the first movie caused mass hysteria amongst teenagers on its release in 2008.
And Greene reveals she found it difficult to deal with the public scrutiny, describing life in the spotlight as "really scary."
She tells Interview Magazine, "There was a moment in time where I was kind of having this mini-breakdown because it was all very new, and it was all being thrown at me really quickly, and I was going, ‘Why are people reporting on this? Why do people care what I’m wearing or what I’m eating, and why are people looking down on me because I’m not wearing high heels?’
"That’s the downside to being in the public eye. When girls come up and say, ‘You’re my role model,’ it’s really flattering, but it’s also really scary because I’m not perfect and I’m going to make mistakes. I’ve just decided that I have to continue to live my life and do what I do. Hopefully, people love me because of who I am, not who I pretend to be.”