Ashley Graham will continue to post her photos of her ''cellulite'' to inspire other women to accept their imperfections.

The 30-year-old star is arguably the most famous plus-size model in the world and has appeared in countless high-fashion campaigns and landed the prestigious cover for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Now, the brunette beauty has teamed up with American brand Rag & Bone on their DIY Project to show their denim collection off in a personal way in a selection of images shot on a Polaroid camera by her husband Justin Ervin in Miami which means they are completely untouched.

Ashley doesn't feel any pressure to post perfect images on her social media accounts because she would rather ''empower'' women by being honest about her flaws and encourage them to feel comfortable in their clothing.

The Revlon ambassador said: ''When I model, I think about how other women will want to look and feel in the clothing that I am wearing, since I was art directing this shoot, I knew I wanted it to be slightly edgy, but still have an approachable look for the customer.

''There is a community of women who follow me and other women for positivity, for inspiration, for images that might reflect what they look like. If me posting my cellulite will empower another woman, then I'm going to do that and ignore the haters!''

And Ashley collaborated on a range of size-inclusive denim, swimwear and underwear range with Marina Rinaldi but wishes she had been more confident to stand up for herself and her ideas sooner in her career.

Speaking to Vogue, she explained: ''I wish I had been more business-minded earlier on in my career, I could have started my clothing lines earlier on, but I was told 'no.' It took me a while to realise that I had control of my career, and that I could turn those 'no's' into 'yeses'.''