Ashley Graham had to use Windex household cleaner to save herself from a fake tan disaster.

The 30-year-old model suffered a beauty mishap after getting a fresh spray tan over the weekend, when she accidentally splashed water on her legs and it left her with noticeable, irregular streak marks running down her pins on the top layer of the tan.

But Ashley has a unique method of getting rid of bronzing blemishes.

Documenting her getting-ready process on her Instagram stories, she wrote: ''Top of the morning to ya. Woke up from my spray tan and it's streaky AF [sic]''

Showing her followers that she was using a bottle of the popular cleaner to get rid of the tan problem, she said: ''What ya do? Get a little Windex, get a paper towel and scrub it off [sic]''

And the Sports Illustrated model was clearly happy with the results of her handy trick as she posted a picture of her curves in a small black swimsuit to show off her glowing tan.

She added: ''After! No Streaks!

The Revlon spokesperson was getting ready to attend the third annual Memorial Day Weekend Pool Party for swimwear brand Swimsuits For All in New York after starring in the campaign alongside her mother Linda Graham in a bid to show more diversity in fashion photos.