Ashley Graham's husband prefers her without any make-up on.

The 29-year-old plus-sized model graced the runway for Michael Kors' Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show during New York Fashion Week without any cosmetic products on her face, and the star has hinted it was not unusual to her because her partner Justin Ervin ''likes'' it when she goes au naturel.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the brunette beauty said: ''That's how my husband likes me -- without any make-up.''

The Addition Elle creator has revealed she maintains her flawless looking complexion by staying hydrated and undergoing oxygen facials ''twice a month''.

She explained: ''I drink lots of water. I know everyone says it but it's real. And Mzia [Shiman]. She does oxygen facials -- she's amazing. I go twice a month.''

The 58-year-old fashion designer has revealed he opted for the ''fresh-faced'' aesthetic during his exhibition because he didn't want his representatives to look like ''mannequins'' but wanted to show off the models in their natural form.

Speaking about his showcase, the creative mastermind said: ''With the fresh-faced makeup we wanted to put the spotlight on the women and not make them look like mannequins. When you see everyone fresh-faced you get to really see their beauty. We left their hair the way their hair is. If you have straight hair your hair was straight. Curly, curly.''

And the businessman - who launched his eponymous label in 1981 - enjoys dressing ''all ages, all sizes'' of peoples.

He said: ''36 years being a designer, I've dressed all ages, all sizes and also different points of view. For me that's what's fun about being a designer -- dressing this wide range of women ... I don't like when the models look like mannequins. I want them to be the women they are.''