Ashley Graham considers herself to be a ''special case''.

The 30-year-old model has claimed that unlike the majority of people, she feels more comfortable being naked than when she's fully clothed.

The brunette beauty told the Daily Telegraph's Fashion Unzipped podcast: ''Not every woman is like this, not every model is like this, but I'm a special case in that I would walk around butt-naked if I could, because it's just more comfortable for me.

''My mom said growing up that I was like a nudist and just walked around the house butt-naked all the time.''

Earlier this week, meanwhile, Ashley credited her career success to her ''bold moves''.

Ashley - who is one of the world's best-known models - claimed that her feisty nature has been the key to her rise to the top of the fashion industry.

She said: ''The boldest move I've ever made for my career is standing up to people in power ... and making career moves and career changes.

''And knowing that no matter what, the move you're about to make is the one that could either change your life and your career or everything could fall apart.''

And Ashley revealed that her ambition for 2018 is to make it ''even more epic than 2017''.

However, she doesn't have any plans to start a family with husband Justin Ervin anytime this year.

Asked about the possibility of having kids, Ashley replied: ''No, not in 2018. There ain't no babies coming out of here!''