Ashley Graham has an ''insane'' jewellery collection.

The 30-year-old model has admitted she owns a vast amount of accessories, and she believes a lot of ''big girl'' are similar to her and will have more jewellery than clothes because ''there's no size'' attached to those items, which Ashley believes makes the wearer feel more confident.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the brunette beauty said: ''I think something that big girls around the world have always been told is: There is not enough fashion for you. ''If you look at any big girl's closet, the accessories are on point, the shoes are on point, the make-up is on point. My jewellery collection is insane, because there's no size when it comes to jewellery; that's why I have a correlation between confidence and jewellery.''

And the catwalk icon's favourite piece of jewellery is her wedding ring.

Ashley - who married husband Justin Ervin in 2010 - said: ''I mean my wedding ring. When my husband and I knew that we were going to get married we started trying on diamonds just to see what I liked. Then he surprised me with something I wasn't expecting but it was so me. I think that diamonds really tell a story about who you are and what kind of woman you are.''

Ashley has revealed she has treated herself to a piece of jewellery following a break up when she was younger, which instantly made her feel better.

She said: ''I had a really terrible break up and I went out to Barneys and bought myself this beautiful gold necklace that says 'I love you' when you spin it. It was a reminder to myself that men come and go, and you will have bad experiences, but you have to remember to love who you are.''

Ashley has recently launched her own swimwear range, Swimsuit for All, and also collaborated with Marina Rinaldi on a denim line, but she has no plans to slow down any time soon.

Speaking about her career, she said: ''We are here to stay and you can tell by how many designers are putting us on the runway, how many covers we're on, and the fact that in the last three years I've never seen more progression in the curve world than ever before and I've being doing this for 18 years. We're not a trend.''