Ashley Graham doesn't eat dairy products.

The 29-year-old model has admitted she tries to be ''consistent'' with her fitness and eating regime throughout the year, but when she has a ''heavy week'' of work coming up she will get meals delivered to her home to help her make ''healthy choices''.

The brunette beauty - who is married to Justin Ervin - told PEOPLE: ''I try to stay consistent throughout the year, and when I have a heavy week I have meals delivered to my house so that I'm making healthy choices. But I try not to eat dairy.''

And the star has revealed in the summer months she will snack on avocados, with a sprinkle of sea salt on.

When asked about her favourite food she will tuck into, she said: ''Avocado, sea salt, olive oil.''

And the fashion muse has revealed she hasn't been working out for a little while, but her lack of exercise has not impacted on how she feels.

She said: ''And I haven't worked out in a couple weeks but I still feel great.''

Although Ashley feels ''great'' with her appearance, she has admitted when she first steps foot on the beach and is sporting a bikini she feels slightly self-conscious for a brief moment before she feels ''comfortable'' flaunting her curves in a skimpy swimsuit.

She explained: ''I mean, of course like any girl when you get to the beach or the pool and you go, 'Oh, I have to take my cover-up off, crap.' And you feel like everybody's watching, and then you just go, 'Oh fine, I'll just take it off,' '' Graham says. ''And then all of a sudden you get comfortable and go, 'Okay. Another piña colada.'''