Ashley Benson feels ''very happy'' whenever she walks into her home.

The former 'Pretty Little Liars' actress moved from Los Angeles to New York City when the ABC drama show ended in 2016, and after being given the chance to completely redecorate, she says her home now makes her feel good whenever she walks in.

Ashley said: ''Any time I walked in, I felt very happy. I'm not really girly, so I think I kind of threw that into the apartment a bit.''

The 28-year-old actress took ''risks'' with her Manhattan apartment, but says they paid off because the decorating project was ''fun'' to do.

She added: ''I kind of came empty handed. I obviously couldn't bring furniture from my [LA] house to New York - it would have been too crazy.

''I just made bolder decisions and took more risks. I've never really done that in any of my other houses, so that's definitely a new thing for me. It was my first New York apartment and it was a really fun project.''

The apartment has a different colour scheme in each room, such as a deep forest green in her powder room, and soft pink walls with navy blue velvet chairs in her dining room, which she admits she only uses when she has friends over.

She said: ''I'm not the best cook. I usually have my friends come over and cook for me.''

Ashley still has a home in Los Angeles - which she bought in January for a cool $1.8 million - but says the two homes have a ''completely different style'' that helps her explore all her design inspirations.

Speaking to People magazine, the 'Spring Breakers' actress said: ''I think it's fun to have a completely different style in my LA home. My LA house feels very European - kind of like a getaway - and then in New York, it's like a fun 'Sex and the City'-style house.''