Pop star Ashlee Simpson is taking a break from pop when her current US tour ends so she can plot her assault on Hollywood. After her gruelling stint on the road, which ends on 28 July (06), the singer plans to disappear. The 21-year-old says, "I'm actually going on vacation, so I'm relaxing and chilling for a while. "I'm going to make a new record, and I'm taking my time with that, and I'm going to be looking at scripts, so it'll be a while. You won't be hearing anything for a while." And Simpson isn't going to take just any role offered to her - she wants "indie-style" and "quirky characters". Simpson tells VH1, "Those are the ones I know I'll have to stretch out of myself to become. That's what I want right now. But I'm not necessarily jumping into one certain role. I want to have a more diverse career."