Being involved in a high-profile relationship with singer Ashlee Simpson has not changed Pete Wentz, according to a touring partner of his.

Fall Out Boy bassist Wentz and Simpson were married in California at the weekend, putting paid to long-term media speculation that their nuptials were imminent.

But according to Gabe Saporta, the frontman of US alternative rock band Cobra Starship, Wentz's involvement in such a starry couple has not changed his personality.

Saporta, whose band have toured extensively with Wentz and Fall Out Boy, joked that "ever since [Wentz] started dating a celebrity, he's just been doing lines of coke with hookers".

Talking to, he quickly explained that he was "kidding".

"He's totally the same dude," he continued. "She's a really nice girl and it's weird, I can't say that I was an Ashlee Simpson fan but I definitely know that kids in the emo scene have her record as a guilty pleasure."

"She was trying to be the more punk rock version of her sister so that's a good thing, I think."

Saporta, whose band shot to fame after their song Bring It (Snakes On A Plane) was included on the soundtrack for the Samuel L Jackson film, explained: "The only thing that changes is that he gets his picture taken a lot more than he used to.

"I don't think that she was more famous than him but it seems that once two people that are in the spotlight get together, they seem to become a power couple."

20/05/2008 00:03:01