Ashlee Simpson's father and husband go clubbing together.

The 33-year-old singer loves the fact that both she and her spouse Evan Ross, 30, are very close to their famous families because their sisters, Jessica Simpson and Tracee Ellis Ross love to spoil their daughter Jagger, three, and her nine-year-old son Bronx - who she has with ex-husband Pete Wentz - and her 60-year-old dad Joe enjoys spending time with his son-in-law.

She said: ''We're all incredibly close. It's one of the things that Evan and I bonded over. We love big gatherings where we're all together.

''Tracee has this energy and is so great around children. Evan goes clubbing with my dad Joe. Jessica sends the most amazing gifts for our kids.''

And the couple praised Evan's mother, Motown legend Diana Ross, as an ''amazing'' and hands-on grandmother.

Ashlee added: ''She had five kids and this incredible career but she always put her family first. Evan is so close with his mom and she is the most amazing grandmother.''

Whilst Evan shared: ''She comes here and she's like, 'Excuse me, where's Jagger? I don't care to see you right now.' Bronx calls her 'Mama D' and to Jagger she's 'Ammy'. She has a house nearby so she doesn't stay over but she'll be in the playroom with Jagger for hours, until late.''

Evan knows he can always count on his mother for good advice but is thankful she doesn't give it out without being asked.

He told HELLO! magazine: ''She gives advice but only when it's asked for. I ask her questions all the time. She's such an inspiration to me. She's powerful, tough but so loving. She'll say, 'Trust your gut, you're gonna figure it out. There's no right way. You've got to find the way that works for you.''