Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross' relationship isn't ''perfection'' all the time.

The couple - who share two-year-old daughter Jagger Snow together - know their romance isn't 100 per cent all the time but insists it is ''all built out of love''.

Ashlee said: ''I think there is so much vulnerability that we give to you guys. You don't really know about us. Get to know us! We have something to share.''

Whilst Evan added: ''Right now, there's not a lot of young people talking about love. There's not always perfection all the time. But the truth of it is, it's all built out of love.''

And Evan loves being able to work with his family.

He added to E! News: ''Creating our music. Creating ideas together. Building things as a family, it's something that I feel is special. It's nice being able to work with your family. I get to see my baby, my wife. I get to go to bed with them. It's amazing!''

Meanwhile, Ashlee and Evan previously insisted their new reality show won't damage their marriage because their relationship is so solid.

He shared: ''I think in any relationship in this industry, there's a stress on relationships. I think that's reality, but in no way do I think that if a relationship is meant to be together and a marriage is meant to be together, that anything like a show or being in this industry can change that.''

The pair started work on their album soon after their daughter Jagger Snow's arrival and took turns looking after the little one and heading to the studio.

She explained: ''He would write something on a song, then I'd write something and we'd find our favourite bits. And that's really worked for us - we've had a really great way of working together, where we really have found our sound from both of us doing our thing, [then finding] a blend.''