Rapper Asher Roth has come under fire from officials at an anti-drugs group after he was booked to play a concert for students in Virginia - with campaigners accusing the star of promoting "illegal and unhealthy behaviours".
The I Love College hitmaker has been hired to perform at the Back To School gig, which is organised by a student committee at Virginia Commonwealth University for incoming freshmen.
Roth and Airplanes star B.o.B. are both reportedly earning $100,000 (£66,666) for the show.
But the choice of performers has angered Denise Miller, the president of the Regional Drug Free Alliance, who insists Roth and his support acts are bad role models for impressionable young college-goers.
She says, "Having this artist come to the campus normalises inappropriate, illegal and unhealthy behaviours. It also lowers the expectations for the students."