Asher D, of British garage act So Solid Crew, is heading up a campaign to get gun violence off the streets of Britain - following his imprisonment for gun offences last year (MAR02).

The 21 SECONDS hitmaker says he is a reformed character, after police caught him with a .22-calibre air pistol with five rounds of live ammunition.

He is now fronting the DISARM campaign - backed by the Government HOME OFFICE - which is focusing on turning young people away from gun crime.

Father-to-be Asher says, "If you carry a gun you could end up having a gun to your head and being killed. To some, weapons have a feeling of power. But guns lead to death. If we get one gun off the street then that's a good thing."

A number of other black artists are banding together in a series of concerts in London on April 24 (03) in support of the campaign.

They include Mica Paris, Incognito and HEARTLESS CREW.