Ashanti and Quentin Tarantino are to be the unlikely stars of The Muppets' adaptation of classic movie The Wizard of Oz.

R+B star Ashanti will play aspiring performer DOROTHY GALE in the remake, who works at her AUNTIE EM's diner in Kansas with Queen Latifah is in negotiations to play the aunt.

Ashanti's character is swept up by a tornado and finds herself in Muppet Oz with KERMIT THE FROG playing the SCARECROW, GONZO THE GREAT playing the TIN MAN and FOZZIE BEAR taking on the role of the COWARDLY LION. MISS PIGGY will play the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST.

Tarantino will play himself in a side plot to the film, which will be directed by KIRK THATCHER who scored a hit with 2002's VERY MERRY MUPPET CHRISTMAS MOVIE.

24/08/2004 21:10