R+B beauty Ashanti packed a suitcase full of snacks when she travelled to India to film her cameo in BRIDE AND PREJUDICE - because she hates spicy food.

The UNFOOLISH singer plays an Indian songstress in the Bollywood adaptation of JANE AUSTEN's Pride And Prejudice, and she lived on American food during her time in the Asian country.

She says, "I had popcorn, PRINGLES, GUMMI BEARS, OODLES OF NOODLES, cookies, DORITOS - I pigged out!"

But Ashanti was thrilled with her first movie acting experience, which led to a role in the upcoming film Coach Carter.

She adds, "It was sort of like a warm-up for me, an introduction to movies. It was a lot like making a music video, because I had to sing and learn choreography."

25/10/2004 09:21