A$AP Rocky has reportedly teamed up with Under Armour for a sneaker collection.

The 'Wild for the Night' hitmaker is said to have signed up to lead the brand's lifestyle category and they are hoping adding the rapper's name to their designs will help them break into the competitive footwear market.

However, Under Armour wouldn't be pushed when asked if the rapper was to join the team.

A spokesperson for the brand said in a statement: ''We are always talking to those with a passion to change the game, from athletes to creators to entrepreneurs.''

Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky - who is dating model and television personality Kendall Jenner - has previously teamed up with the likes of adidas to create his own sneakers.

Speaking prior to the release of the shoe, when asked if he feels competition from other rappers getting their own pair of sneakers, he said at the time: ''Not at all. I'm not even looking at this like a competitive thing. I'm like that horse that's winning the race right now.

''My eyes are just on getting to the finish line and hoping that my damn horse jockey stops whipping me. That's what it's like. My creative drive keeps me going like that.

''I don't even see anything like I've got those eye shields blocking the peripheral vision so I can just focus on the finish line. That's just how it is with me. I'm just focused on what I'm ready to accomplish and doing it the best.''

And the rapper - whose real name is Rakim Mayers - thinks it is ''revolutionary'' that he has his own sneakers.

He said: ''Let's put it like this. If I get the creative control and platform to put out a sneaker, it's gonna be revolutionary and tomorrow. It's gonna be new age, new age. It's gonna be the best and that's all I'm gonna say. I'm gonna leave it at that.''