Bosses at the firm are launching their biggest content creation campaign and have tapped the Wild for the Night hitmaker to front it. In the Grow Up campaign, the 28-year-old reflects on his childhood and his brother Ricky's encouragement to follow his dreams and become a rapper.

Ricky was killed in Harlem, New York when Rocky was a teenager.

"Growing up, I had this beat stuck in my head," he says in the promo. "No matter what, I could never really get it out. I guess when you young (sic), you could be anything you want to choose, but as you get older, all of those options start to narrow and before you know it, every choice you make comes with a consequence. Whenever s**t got rough, this beat was always there. But one day, man, the beat just stopped."

"My brother moved on, but the beat came back, pulsing through every vein in my body," he adds. "My older brother Ricky is responsible for me growing up and having a real job: 'Come on, Rocky, just go for it. Just rap'."