Following the shootings of unarmed African-American men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police officers earlier this month (Jul26), the movement, initially founded in 2012 after the murder of teenager Trayvon Martin, has gained momentum.

However, rapper A$AP has caused controversy in a new interview with U.S. radio show The Breakfast Club, in which he stated, "All lives matter". The phrase is widely considered a racist slogan as it has become known for being a response to Black Lives Matter.

A$AP explained during his interview: "I hate when the bandwagon stuff starts. How come black lives only matter when a police officer takes it? It should matter when a black life takes it. It should always matter. All lives matter.

"I want to inspire. I want promote peace, because at a time like this, I don’t have all the answers. I’m not trying to run for Congress. I’m not trying to run for office. I don’t have all the answers."

Following Sterling and Castile's deaths, a man shot dead five police officers and injured nine others at the end of a peaceful Black Lives Matter-organised protest held in Dallas, Texas.

Meanwhile, A$AP also used his interview to reveal his feelings about Bill Cosby. The veteran comedian has been accused by more than 50 women of sexual assault, but denies all allegations.

"He did so many positive things leading up to one thing, which he was convicted of being innocent for, by the way," A$AP said. "People don’t even speak about that. All you remember is the 56 women and all that kind of s**t."

When the radio show's host Charlamagne Tha God replied that 56 women is a lot, A$AP replied: "Yeah, but he’s a powerful man. Look, I’m not his lawyer, but I do know he’s innocent. In the eyes of the law, they said he’s innocent. So, nobody talks about that. "All we know is that he was accused, he allegedly raped however many woman he raped which, it’s so much issues in the world, you know what I’m saying (sic)?"