The American rapper has unveiled his latest capsule collection with the brand, titled Guess Club, as part of the Guess Originals x A$AP Rocky offerings. Fans camped outside stores to get their hands on the ‘80s-inspired garments last year (16) so this time around the musician delved even further into his personality when designing.

“People actually understood my reasons for wanting to collaborate on that nostalgic collection,” he told WWD. “Growing up with an urban hip-hop background, Guess was part of that, in the Menace II Society films and in my household. It was my own twist on archival pieces.

“(The new line is) all about my imagination. I’m a man-child, so the collaboration represents colourful, fun clothes, like a clubhouse collection. Like that hat that says, ‘Password’ on it. It’s all tracking back to my childhood: Saturday morning and early afternoon with cereal and cartoons, toys, records and eight tracks, Toys ‘R’ Us. I want to be a kid forever.”

Fashion lovers can get their hands on colour block denim, oversized jackets and logo T-Shirts, ranging in price from $49 (£40) to $198 (£160). The collection launches in stores from March 10 (17) and the accompanying campaign features A$AP, real name Rakim Mayers, posing alongside models in Los Angeles. Photographer Hannah Sider helmed the shoot, with the music star’s creative group AWGE directing.

Speaking about why Guess turned to him to design clothes, A$AP explained: “Not to toot my own horn, but I think they really recognise people who are authentic to their craft and brand aesthetic. I’m very particular. Everything is calculated. Not too calculated, but I’m cautious about who we want to be affiliated with. Designers identify with that fact, and I do the same thing. I consider them the best at what they do, and I consider myself the best at what I do.”

He also teased the release of new music, noting fans can expect fresh material “ASAP”.

“No pun intended,” he quipped.