Rockers As I Lay Dying have announced a hiatus to allow frontman Tim Lambesis time to deal with his legal woes.

The singer has pleaded guilty to attempting to hire a hitman to kill his wife and faces a maximum of nine years behind bars, but he insists he hasn't given up on music and has no plans to disband his group.

A statement from Lambesis and bandmate Jordan Mancino reads: "As I Lay Dying is sleeping rather than dead... Tim has acknowledged his guilt and clearly made some bad decisions in a period of time where he acted contrary to the person he's been most of his life.

"He believes As I Lay Dying should only pick back up if it's in a form restored to its roots. For Tim, the potential of pursuing As I Lay Dying again means working on a lot of other more important things in his personal life first."

Mancino has recorded new material with his As I Lay Dying bandmates and plans to release the music under a new name, with singer Shane Blay.