The celebrity tattoo artist son of big band legend Artie Shaw is facing a slew of weapons possession charges after he was arrested in New York on Sunday (07Nov10).
Jonathan Shaw - who has inked celebrities including Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson and Naomi Campbell - was busted when movers he had hired to transport an arsenal of weapons from the Big Apple to his Los Angeles home alerted police to the storage haul.
According to prosecutors, the collection included a loaded AK-47 assault rifle, three other firearms, 96 knives and more than 2,800 rounds of ammunition.
He was charged on Monday (08Nov10) under state laws that require permits for certain guns and ban civilians from having loaded guns outside their homes or places of employment.
But his lawyer, Brian T. Pakett, claims his client has receipts to show all the weapons were bought legally over 15 years ago and insists Shaw had "no intent" to use them.
He adds: "We are confident this case will be cleared up. Mr. Shaw is a very peaceful man. He's a very caring man."
Shaw is expected to be released on $250,000 (£166,670) bond, reports the New York Daily News.