Beloved U.S. TV and radio personality Art Linkletter has died at his Bel-Air, Los Angeles home, aged 97.
Linkletter hosted Art Linkletter's House Party on radio from 1944 and the variety show became a TV hit from 1952 to 1969. Meanwhile, the TV star's People Are Funny was also a hit radio-to-TV transfer in the 1950s.
He also had great success as a writer and penned books like How To Be a Supersalesman, Hobo on the Way to Heaven and his autobiography I Didn't Do It Alone.
His private life was tinged with sadness - he outlived three of his five children.
His 20-year-old daughter, Diane, jumped to her death from the balcony of her Hollywood apartment in 1969; his son Robert died in a car accident in 1980 and another son, Jack, died of lymphoma in 2007, aged 70.
Linkletter fell into broadcasting in the 1930s while he was studying to become an English professor at San Diego State College.
He pioneered audience participation and remote broadcasts and went on to form his own production company in the 1940s, just before People Are Funny and House Party became big radio hits.
Linkletter is survived by his wife of 75 years, Lois, and daughters Dawn and Sharon.
Flowers will be placed on Linkletter's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday afternoon (26May10).