Art Garfunkel is still bemused at his long-term split from musical partner Paul Simon, because the differences they endured were only minor. Simon and Garfunkel reunited to tour together in 2004, and the BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER singer enjoyed the experience so much he is struggling to believe they had to part ways originally in 1970. Appearing at England's Hampton Court Festival on Friday (23JUN06), Garfunkel told the audience, "We were having such a lovely time that I did wonder why we went our separate ways." He went on to jokingly hypothesise about the underlying issue behind their split: "Years ago, I'd wanted to call us Garfunkel and Simon but Paul wasn't having it. "I'd wanted to change some of Paul's lyrics to MRS ROBINSON. You know the bit, 'Jesus loves you more than you will know, wo wo wo?' "Well, I wanted to have, 'Jesus loves you more than you ever knew, woo woo woo.'"