Art Brut frontman EDDIE ARGOS is suffering from a back injury after hurting himself "showing off" onstage.
The singer collapsed with the bad back in a restaurant in Amsterdam, Holland recently during the band's European tour.
And he is convinced his ailment was caused by one particularly energetic stage antic.
He tells, "The doctor said anything can bring it on - stress or unusual movements. And I said, 'Like skipping with a microphone lead on stage? Would that have done it? Is that an unusual movement?' I was just showing off a bit on stage."
Argos' injury means he will have to miss out on the booze-filled fun the group usually enjoys on tour - but he's hoping for a miracle cure so he can join in the drinking at Art Brut's show in Hamburg, Germany on Wednesday (13May09).
He adds, "I can't drink or anything because I'm on these painkillers, so bizarrely even though I hurt my back I'm the healthiest I've been in ages. We're playing in Hamburg and I hope I'm better by then - I like drinking in Hamburg."