The resurgent Arsenio Hall will continue his comeback with a new self-titled show set to begin in September 2013. The 56-year-old comic and recent 'Celebrity Apprentice' winner will host a syndicated late night offering, in partnership with CBS Television and Tribune Co, reports the Los Angeles Times.
Announcing the show on Monday (June 18, 2012), Hall said, "In the end I'm a comic, and nothing fits the talk-show mode like a stand-up comic". The new 'Arsenio Hall Show' will join an already-crowded late night talk show schedule, which includes big hitters like Jon Stewart and his 'Daily Show', as well as more traditional platforms such as 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno. Nevertheless, Hall has good form in the talk show field, and his earlier show was a surprise hit after debuting in 1989. It brought a youthful energy to a format otherwise dominated by Johnny Carson on the 'Tonight' show. Hall became the only black host in late night television, allowing him special access to the biggest African American entertainers, including one of the most popular stars of the time, Eddie Murphy (his co-star in 'Coming to America').
The original show reached a peak when Bill Clinton appeared as a guest, performing a saxophone rendition of 'Heartbreak Hotel' - a crucial moment in the crossover of politics and popular culture. The show eventually suffered dwindling ratings, following the rise of DAVID LETTERMAN.