Arrows Of Love Summer 2012 Live Dates

Arrows Of Love Summer 2012 Live Dates

Arrows Of Love are set to release their explosive new single 'Honey' and b-side track 'Pretend Friends' on July 9th via Handspun Records/Superdark. Hailing from Hackney, East London, the quintet who blend a mix of seismic indie rock with a wall of art-punk noise have returned with a crunching new track, the first offering since the release of their single 'Song 1' in late 2011.

'Song 1' was limited to 20 physical copies, each sold alongside a different artist's work that interpreted the latter song's imagery. The art was then exhibited in a gallery and appeared in a flash art mob at Tate Modern, before being auctioned.

New single 'Honey' was recorded in singer Nima Teranchi's basement with assistance from Rory Attwell (Test Icicles, S.C.U.M, Male Bonding) and Richard Warren (Spiritualized), and then mixed by Nima "through shitty speakers on a computer that is more like an abacus." after he downloaded a 'Teach yourself how to mix' manual. The results were then mastered by Shellac bassist Bob Western in Chicago whose input and expertise helped form the eventual detonative sound found here. A perfect setting for a track whose discordant squall showcases Arrows Of Love's angry/tender, boy/girl vocal interplay at its laconic best.

Arrows of Love have received accolades as one of London's most exciting live acts. This isn't just rhetoric. Shows with people such as Anna Calvi, British Sea Power, and 80's Matchbox B-line Disaster's last tour all involved band members taking it to the middle of the crowd, giving away guitars mid-song to audience members, and stage equipment breaking under the strain as standard.

See this for yourself at the following live dates:

June 15th - Buffalo Bar - with Antlered Man - Islington, London

July 9th - The Kasbah - Coventry

August 2nd - Geekout @ The Wheelbarrow, Camden, London

Aug 17th-19th - Strummer of Love Festival

Sept 1st - 1234 Festival, Shoreditch Park