Arnold Schwarzenegger's role as California Governor is already paying off for the state - athletes and celebrities from all over the world are considering moving to be closer to him.

Friends of the movie action man, who have already seen ARNIE at work, are convinced he's a man on a mission, and will rejuvenate California as it fights an economic crisis.

And German tennis ace TOMMY HAAS is among those keen to join Arnie in California after the movie star, a friend of Haas' father came to his family's aid during a recent health crisis.

Arnie offered the tennis star the use of his private jet to ferry him from tournaments to the hospital where his parents were recovering from a motorcycle accident. Schwarzenegger also flew in medical specialists to help his old friend.

Haas says, "He's been a great friend. I'm so excited about his winning, I may even buy a home in his state."

20/10/2003 21:15