California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver had a nerve-wracking experience this morning (05MAY04) - when she returned to the CBS studios she was fired from in the 1980s.

The veteran TV journalist, who now works for rival American network NBC, won the coveted seat of anchorwoman on the CBS MORNING NEWS alongside FORREST SAWYER in 1985 - just a year before the show was cancelled and they were both booted from their jobs.

And 18 years later, Shriver made her way back to the New York studios for the first time to promote her new book about Alzheimer's disease called WHAT'S HAPPENING TO GRANDPA? on The Early Show.

She says, "I actually got fired right after (PRINCE ANDREW and SARAH FERGUSON's wedding). We had a great time.

"This is my first time back on this show and I was having a little trembling this morning when I thought we were going back to the other building because I was like, 'I haven't been back in that building since then.'

"The Irish, we carry a grudge for a while, but I thought, 'I'm an adult. I'm the first lady now - get over it! Go back on the show! Relax!' It's finished, I'm thrilled, I feel very comfortable."

She also jokingly offered to work for her old bosses again, announcing on air, "I can do some more segments, if you want. Whatever you want! I'll come back anytime. There's a lot of women on this show, you can take one more!"

05/05/2004 21:16