Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver is feeling displaced since giving up her career in TV journalism to support her husband as Governor of California.

Shriver stepped down from her job at American network NBC after Schwarzenegger took over the political position in November (03), and while she now does the occasional special, the brunette admits she misses her day job.

She says, "It has been difficult for me. That's the truth. I miss hanging out with the people I worked with. That was my career. I was at home. So I've tried to find a new home, and I haven't figured it out yet."

Shriver has also noticed that people treat her differently now she's California's First Lady.

She explains, 'When people come up to you now it's with issues important to them. (In response) I try to be optimistic. You've got to take a look at all the good from whatever happens."

12/09/2004 21:20