LATEST: Arnold Schwarzenegger was sporting a fat lip when he attended a news conference to talk about California's medical crisis yesterday (09JAN06) after being involved in a motorbike accident on Sunday (08JAN06).

The TERMINATOR star-turned-California Governor needed 15 stitches in his top lip after his Harley Davidson cycle collided with a car near his home in Brentwood, California.

The tough-guy movie star smiled through the proceedings in Los Angeles even though he was in visible pain and struggling to hide the swelling.

He told reporters that the accident could have been much worse had he been going faster.

The movie star's medics told the actor not to talk for at least three days but Schwarzenegger refused to cancel the conference, which was also held to promote child health insurance.

He told reporters, "It was just a simple accident."

His 12-year-old son PATRICK was in the sidecar with him when the accident happened. He was treated for minor cuts and bruises.

Schwarzenegger is still annoyed with the woman driver who reversed into his path from her driveway.

He says, "The woman that drove out stopped, looked to the left, saw me, looked me right in the eye and looked to the right - and then drove out anyway."