Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver has vowed never to return to TV news reporting after the media handling of Anna Nicole Smith's death. Shriver, who was an anchor for NBC Nightly News and Dateline NBC in the past, left the US network in 2004 to avoid any 'conflict of interest' with her husband in office as Governor for California. But Shriver insists the widespread sensationalised coverage of the tragic model/actress' passing put her off re-entering the news profession. She says, "I kind of made up my mind I did not want to go back into the news division after watching the Anna Nicole Smith frenzy. "I was just flabbergasted by that. How it was across the board, all encompassing, and I just thought to myself, this is not where I want to work. I actually quit and I said, you know what, this ship has sailed, it's not for me."