LATEST: California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's name has been taken off the websites of his Austrian hometown, in an ongoing row over capital punishment.

Schwarzenegger upset residents and local politicians in Graz when he refused to block the execution of convicted killer STANLEY 'TOOKIE' WILLIAMS in California earlier this month (DEC05).

The TERMINATOR star has since said he no longer wants to be associated with Graz and on Christmas Day (25DEC05) his request to rename the Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium as Stadium Graz Liebenau was granted.

Now, Schwarzenegger's name has been taken off the town's main website and a local sports site.

The 58-year-old actor-turned-politician also recently returned a "ring of honour" the city awarded him in 1999. The majority of Schwarzenegger's fellow Austrians are opposed to capital punishment.