California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been dealt a blow from the state he runs - most residents wouldn't vote in favour of him becoming President of America.

A Field Poll of 600 Californians registered to vote found that just 26 per cent would be inclined to vote for their Austrian-born governor should he one day run for president.

The US Constitution currently bars foreign-born Americans, who such as Schwarzenegger, from becoming president - the issue is now under debate.

TERMINATOR star Schwarzenegger was elected governor just a year ago (02) yet his star power and charisma has led some to muse that the Republican might have what it takes to be president.

The Field Poll found that 65 per cent of Californians approve of Schwarzenegger's job as governor, but only 36 per cent of those surveyed back a change in the Constitution to allow foreign-born presidents.

Schwarzenegger has expressed support for a Constitutional change, and some of his friends believe he will one day become president.

10/10/2004 10:18