Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger's bid for Governorship of California may be in trouble as new details of his father's Nazi past emerge.

The Austrian action star has long known of his father's Nazi connections, but only recently found out that dad GUSTAV was a member of the feared stormtroopers originally set up by HITLER as his personal bodyguards.

The SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER is to comb the new information and make a new report to the actor before the 7 October (03) recall vote.

RABBI MARVIN HIER says, "Whatever the record shows, so may it show. Should that record have any bearing on Arnold Schwarzenegger himself? In my opinion, absolutely not."

Schwarzenegger has donated more than $750,000 (GBP468,000) to Hier's JEWISH CENTRE.

The actor-turned-politician has always said he was embarrassed by his father's history, and that they were never close.

Sean Walsh, one of Schwarzenegger's spokesmen, says,"His record regarding stamping out intolerance is absolutely rock solid."

The Terminator 3 star is 13 points behind his rival Democrat in the latest Los Angeles' Times poll.

25/08/2003 21:14