Arnold Schwarzenegger has urged a Republican politician to step out of the race to replace him as California Governor after one of his campaign trail officials sent out an ill-advised letter to Latino voters. The Terminator star was appalled by the letter TAN NGUYEN sent out to registered Hispanic voters in California, in which he stressed that immigrants who vote illegally face deportation or jail. Campaigning for re-election in Orange County, California on Saturday (21OCT06), the former action man met with hundreds of upset Latino business owners and agreed with them the letter was ill-advised. Schwarzenegger said, "I think it was one of the worst letters that anyone could send out and I think those kind of tactics (are) illegal. It is a hate crime and I think that anyone who knew (about it), if he knew (sic), has to resign immediately. But Nguyen insists he knew nothing about the controversial letter and has fired the person responsible for sending it out. He says, "I never authorised it. I never approve any of those things."