TERMINATOR star Arnold Schwarzenegger has received a public appeal from Hollywood movie financiers, urging him to bring film production back to the California city.

Last month (OCT03) the Austrian actor was elected Governor of California, with many movie workers hoping he would help keep film-making in Tinseltown.

And now AXIUM INTERNATIONAL, a movie finance company, has paid for a full-page advertisement in Hollywood industry publication DAILY VARIETY to ask for Schwarzenegger's help.

In a note titled 'An open letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger', Axium's chairman JOHN VISCONTI writes, "For years... California, the cradle of the motion picture industry, has endured a senseless attrition of our instate film production. We are losing a prized national treasure to far-away regions, domestic or foreign...

"As a member of this vibrant, vital industry, we urge you please to exert your utmost, through the California legislature, the Governor's office of the federal government to enact legislation ensuring that the entertainment production business remains, for now and ever, in California."

10/11/2003 21:11