Arnold Schwarzenegger was trained in sexual etiquette when he was made Governor of California in 2003 - so he could avoid sexually harassing women he came into contact with.

The actor has faced a number of allegations of impropriety - most notable in 2001 when British journalist ANNA RICHARDSON filed a lawsuit against him, alleging he squeezed her nipple after an interview.

He admits he may have offended in the past - but has learned his lesson now: "I cannot put a disclaimer out that I have never touched anyone or that I have never said anything gross or I have never made a joke that has offended anyone. It is very sensitive. Twenty years ago it was not so sensitive.

"When we all came into this office we all took training for sexual harassment.

"Now I'm in government, I'm representing people. It is not any more I can make a sexual joke. It's a serious business. So we wanted to have the guidelines? Why are people getting into trouble? Why can people point the finger and say this is sexual harassment?

"For me it was important if I offended anyone in the past, to apologise. Because it could easily have happened. I cannot remember."

05/07/2005 01:55