Arnold Schwarzenegger has paid tribute to the man who made him look tough in CONAN THE BARBARIAN - by presenting him with a prestigious award.

The pair have remained friends after TERRY LEONARD doubled for Arnie in the movie, which made the stuntman's achievement extra special when the action man actor handed it over at this weekend's (01JUN03) Taurus World Stunt Awards in Los Angeles.

Arnie said, "He was like the only guy in those days who had a body good enough to double me."

Harrison Ford was also honoured for his body of work, but he admitted he still has to hand over to his stunt double when it comes to the really tricky stuff.

He explains, "I do running, jumping, falling down, hitting people, that kind of stuff. Stunt guys do stunts."

The event, which was hosted by Dennis Hopper, also featured JENNIFER GARNER, Carrie-Anne Moss, DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON and Kelly Hu.

03/06/2003 09:28