Arnold Schwarzenegger made an appearance on Jay Leno's TONIGHT SHOW last night (01MAR04) - alongside the man he defeated to claim his new seat as Governor of California.

Schwarzenegger says he and former Governor Gray Davis are now good friends, who even socialise with each other. The TERMINATOR star has also been advising Davis about a possible acting career.

Davis joked last night, "I've talked to Arnold a little bit about some of the state's problems but he's helped me a lot with acting - particularly with my pronunciation."

Republican Schwarzenegger and Democrat Davis hatched the idea of a joint appearance to promote Propositions 57 and 58 over a recent dinner, according to aides for both men.

If approved by voters today (02MAR04), Proposition 57 would paydown the state's debt and help close next year's (05) projected budget shortfall. The $15 billion (GBP7.8 billion) bond measure is paired with Proposition 58, which would create a reserve fund and restrict future borrowing by legislators.

Schwarzenegger and Leno pretended to be surprised when Davis walked on stage as the talk show host was interviewing the Governor, prompting the Austrian-born star to quip, "I hope you are here plugging my Proposition 57 and 58!"

Davis shot back, "I am for 57 and 58. But if you think this is a surprise, wait until Gary Coleman comes out here!"

Actor Coleman was one of the 135 candidates on the ballot to replace Davis in last year's (03) recall election.

Davis said of Schwarzenegger's performance in his new role, "I think Arnold is off to a good start. He's certainly doing a better job than he did in HERCULES IN NEW YORK!"

The pair soon left together, with Schwarzenegger explaining, "We are going out and we are campaigning for Proposition 57 and 58."

02/03/2004 20:59