Arnold Schwarzenegger has hit out at Oscar organisers for refusing to honour stunt coordinators with their own Academy Awards category.

The outspoken California Governor, who has appeared in a bevy of stunt-heavy action films including True Lies and Terminator, was shocked by the board's decision, which was made on the grounds that organisers want the ceremony to last any longer than usual.

The TERMINATOR fumes, "I was deeply disappointed by the failure of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences once again to recognise stuntmen and women and their great contribution to the film industry.

"I know first-hand the value of these dedicated professionals, and without them there would be no action heroes. In fact, there would be no movies.

"Stunt coordinators are responsible for every piece of action in a film, making films more exciting and drawing the audience in."

And the 57-year-old star noted that the awards body had allowed a new category for technical achievements, where the winners are awarded at a special ceremony prior to Oscars night, and he insists stunt people should at least have the same opportunity.

He adds, "It is my hope they will reconsider their decision and honour stunt coordinators in the same way."

01/07/2005 07:40